Infections prices for some STIs a�� including HIV, gonorrhoea and syphilis a�� are a lot top among gay males compared to the general people.

Infections prices for some STIs a�� including HIV, gonorrhoea and syphilis a�� are a lot top among gay males compared to the general people.

How to lessen HIV indication among boys is always to get secure love by making use of a condom and h2o centered lubricant for rectal intercourse.

Making use of condoms will also help avoid the infection of other STIs, however all STIs.

The conclusion HIV web site supplies details about some of the typical STIs that is happening to homosexual guys (HIV-positive or HIV-negative). The site also provides help and advice for gay people about screening for and managing STIs, along with the capability see a a[TEST] hospitals for an examination.

Watch the movie for the STI knowledge venture below:

Classes For Men Who Choose People (Cis and Trans)

ACON provides a range of 100 % FREE classes for same-sex fascinated lads (homosexual, bisexual, queer or interesting) ages 18+.

The workshops are a good way in making brand new pals, improve your networking/relationship establishing methods and generally are created to join guys out of every section of our very own group. Our workshops manage, love-making, HIV and reproductive health, identity, interaction and troubles experiencing the LGBTQ community at large. Our very own classes are with society to make certain that they deal with the subject areas that are necessary to we. Each crowd is about 10-16 dudes and stepped on 4 weeks.

All of our classes tends to be helped by skilled pro volunteers and exhaust your ACON organizations in crucial Sydney and chose territorial offices.

We all additionally operated some other classes for small same-sex enticed males aged 18-26 (trans people provided!) through our SPARK course right here.

Coronavirus update:

Thanks to COVID-19, all in person classes tend to be terminated until farther along discover. ACON is now run an array of on line workshop periods in the week that go for 1 hour. You will discover more information and register to attend the online periods here.

You need to email for details.

Workshops for Young Gay Males

Our very own kids Gay guys undertaking, SPARK, supplies a selection of COMPLIMENTARY classes for young same-sex fascinated men (homosexual, bisexual, queer, interesting), trans inclusive who will be aged 18-26 years old.

Engaging in a course wonderful approach to generate newer close friends in a good social ecosystem and have a look at identity, popping out, intercourse and sexual health, HIV, dating, the LGBTI community also relevant issues.

Discover normally between 10-14 dudes in each cluster. Our personal courses are generally assisted in by trained specialist volunteers and run-over 4 classes. Classes come with the ACON workplaces in crucial Sydney and picked territorial workplaces.

Coronavirus posting:

As a result of COVID-19, all one on one classes are cancelled until further discover. ACON is presently starting many different online class sessions all through the week that go for one hour. You can learn addiitional information and register to go to the web classes right feeld tips here.

Satisfy phone visit.

Gay cheerful GPs

In terms of sexual health, plenty of gay guy prefer to consult with a helpful medical practitioner who realize the ins and outs of gay love.

100 % Free Condoms

Get It On!

Condoms lessen or decrease the change of semen, genital matter or bloodstream between lovers while having sex. As soon as combined with lube, condoms become a highly effective method to a�?stay safea�� and steer clear of HIV transmission.

Condoms in addition offer safeguards against several some other sexually transmissible infection (STIs). This is accomplished by steering clear of the move of body fluids or by addressing influenced genital areas.

To help avoid the infection of HIV or STIs, we distribute over 230,000 condoms and safer sexual intercourse packs each and every year to numerous area venues, hospitals and happenings, therefore supply locale with ACON Toolboxes which all of us consistently inventory with risk-free love packs.

To discover the best places to see the cost-free condoms and secure sex packages, please go to our very own conclusion HIV website.

Getting cost-free condoms at your area location, occasion or hospital, you need to speak to your most nearby ACON workplace.

Play Sector a�� Love On Building Location Laws Of Practice

What is the ACON PlayZone Intercourse on properties location rule of application?

The ACON PlayZone sexual intercourse on site location laws of practise is definitely a voluntary relationship visualize between ACON and gender on properties locale (SOPV).

Agreement making use of the PlayZone laws makes sure that patrons of SOPVs get the right for treated with respect while in the sites, to apply safe and secure, consensual love-making and the means to access reproductive health details.

The PlayZone Code additionally means that place team and customers experience the directly to correct or over up to now the informatioin needed for safe and secure love-making, HIV/AIDS and STI prohibition and training.